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Full E-commerce websites from Saffold Digital

Are you looking to sell goods or services directly online?  Saffold Digital can build you a bespoke e-commerce website that will suit your business.  We understand that a one size fits all approach never works, so we work closely with our clients to try to understand their business as well as they do.  Then create a site that is tailored for their needs. All e-commerce websites by Saffold Digital are set up so you can take not only Paypal payments but also card payments by using the Stripe payment system.  These are really easy to register for and you will have a professional-looking site that can take payments as easily if not better than your competitors

We can offer different types of e-commerce site and below is a brief rundown of what we can do for you.

Whilst we strongly believe that a one size fits all approach doesn’t work we do have a one price fits all.  Our E-commerce start from just £1200 (depending on the type of e-commerce site you are looking for)

There is then just a cost of £50 per year, this covers:

  • Hosting of your site on a secure server
  • Maintenance of the site 
  • Monthly backups 
  • Small alterations to the site*

You can upgrade this option anytime to £75 per year, this will include unlimited alterations to your site.

If you don’t have a domain name yet we can provide this for you for an additional cost.

*It is Saffold Digital’s discretion as to what it considers a small alteration, major changes charged at £25 per hour.

If you would like to see a full breakdown on our site costs then please go to our Website Packages page.

What types of e-commerce sites are there?

Simple product e-commerce pages are ideal if you sell individual items that don’t come in any different shape, size or colour. These sites are typically good for business selling fixed items such as DVD’s, collectables and even car sales.

Variable products are a bit more complicated than simple product sites.  These kinds of e-commerce sites are used to sell items that come with different options size colour etc.  Our sites allow you to set these us in any way you want, so your customer can make the right choice. These kind of e-commerce sites are ideal for clothing, print & electronics sales.

With these and the simple product sites, you can also add cross-selling and up-selling option.  A great way to increase your sales easily. 

The third is suited for anyone who is just starting out on their own, wants an e-commerce site but don’t have any stock to sell.  Affiliate sites are perfect for anybody who wants to have their own online store but haven’t got the ability to hold stock.  You simply find the niche you are interested in and sign up to one of the many affiliate websites.

We will set up your digital market stool and show you how to add all the items you want to sell.


e-commerce membership sites
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What are the other types of e-commerce sites?

Membership sites are growing in popularity all the time.  They are perfect if you want to offer restricted content to your customers.  You can offer videos, downloads, e-books the list goes on. You will have a site that will allow your customers to sign up, you can take a card or Paypal payments.  You can also set up a plan whereby you can offer your services for a free trial, then a monthly or even yearly payment option.

You will be able to see exactly who has signed up for your site.  You can also have an option to offer certain days free within paid subscriptions.  The choices that you can have are wide and Saffold Digital will work with you to make sure you choose what’s best for your business.

Digital download sites are designed for anyone wanting to sell anything that their client would have to download.  These can be e-books, photos, zipped files and any other kind of documents. Digital downloads can be restricted to just one-off and you are in control of these at all time.

These kind of sites are ideal for anyone selling written content, photographers and people offering