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Saffold Digital

Saffold Digital is a Suffolk based Web Design company recently set up to create well thought out, bespoke and functional websites.  Working closely with clients looking to achieve their companies or organisations goals whether that is increasing sales, customer awareness of the brand, better forms of communication with potential new customers or gaining the desired type of customers.  Saffold Digital works backwards in looking to fix these or whatever the issues our customer might be facing before we make the site look good.

So what does Saffold do?

Well, we offer the complete range of web design services you would typically expect.  From standard brochure style websites to full e-commerce sites. Always aiming to put well thought out websites together that match the client’s needs.  All of our websites are held on secure servers that are backed up regularly giving you the peace of mind that whilst we can’t guarantee 100% security if anything were to happen to a site we can easily get a site back to where it should be.  All websites come with an SSL certificate so your customers can be assured their data is safe when contacting you.  

Also before we hand over a website to a customer they are all linked to Google, with sitemaps uploaded and pages optimised.  We then encourage our clients to create as much content and push the site out to as many places as possible to get the best chance possible of best rankings.

 Saffold Digital also offers product photography services and are able to come out and take photos and videos for the site if needed.  They say a picture tells a 1000 words well websites are a visual medium. People are generally drawn towards photos first so we can’t say enough how important it is to have great photos on your website.  But we also understand that it’s not always practical for a client to gather great photos so we can offer this as an extra service.

All of our services can be found on our services page https://www.saffolddigital.co.uk/saffold-digital-services/

Do your sites work on Mobile devices?

Mobile internet browsing from Saffold Digital
Nearly half of the web traffic is now viewed on a mobile device.

Yes, we ensure all of our sites are properly optimised for mobiles and tablets.  Nearly half of the web traffic is now viewed through a mobile device (https://www.statista.com/topics/779/mobile-internet/).  This means that if your website is not mobile-friendly you are potentially losing a vast number of customers who will simply choose to move on to a competitors website.

Why should I use Saffold Digital?

The simplest answer to that has been answered earlier on.  We work to help you solve problems with your business, by using your website to its full potential.  Your website is the best sales tool you can have so make it work for you. As a small business, we know the worries that comes with not enough sales coming through, your brand not being out there enough or maybe not getting the desired type of clients.

We make sure we sit down with our clients either face to face or cover the phone, really get to know their business.  Find out whats going on? Then look to come up with some solutions so they get real results. Once this is done it is then all wrapped up in a great looking website, that really works for them.  

Recently we have worked with the likes of https://stowmarketbells.org.uk/ www.geekyreseller.co.uk and www.anglianprints.co.uk.

What area do you work in?

We are a Suffolk based web design company and love to work with a local business.   Small local business needs to stick together, especially in these current difficult times.  So generally speaking we look to work within the Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk area. But the benefit of the industry and modern technology we can help anyone in the country that is looking to either improve the site they currently have or may not yet have a website.

How can I get in touch or find out more?

All of our services, samples of past work and contact details can be found on our main page.  However, if you do want to contact us directly to discuss getting either a new website made or update your current site.  We can be reached at info@saffolddigital.co.uk.

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